Mint WorkBench

Mint WorkBench 5.7

The MINT WorkBench is a Windows tool which manages motion controllers
5.7.0421 (See all)

The MINT WorkBench is a single Windows tool compatible with ABB's range of motion controllers and servo drives. MINT WorkBench offers an easy to use development platform for MINT programming, with its color syntax highlighting of keywords and context sensitive help. The Program Navigator makes it a breeze to navigate the source code, no matter how complicated.


-Wizards to simplify 'expert' tasks such as configuration of drives and networks
-Full screen editor with color syntax highlighting and deubgging capabilities
-Command line interface to interrogate the controller even when the program is running
-Spy window to monitor common motion variables, I/O, communications and more
-6 channel software oscilloscope
-Watch window for monitoring variables and tasks
-SupportMe function with automatic email generation for rapid technical support
-Web updates of firmware within the MINT WorkBench
-Easy management of firmware files and updates

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